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Corporate Commitments


Our Corporate Commitments ensure that we deliver quality services consistently and ensure the safety of our team.


The following five cornerstones serve as a constant reminder of how and why we conduct the work we do.


Safety Leadership


Protecting ourselves is of the utmost importance. Safety is never compromised and we are dedicated to protecting others and ourselves from harm. For this reason, if we cannot conduct our operations safely, we simply will not do it. Although safety is everyone’s responsibility, it begins with personal responsibility and a ‘prevention’ mindset.




Every person on our team plays a part in contributing to a positive work place environment. We value all of our working relationships and the value that each person brings to the team and project. Open communication, respect and integrity are the foundation of how we interact with others and build mutual trust in all of our relationships.


High Performance


We are driven to set new standards and goals, and continually strive to exceed our own past performance and successes. Growth is based upon ongoing evaluation and dedication to continuous improvement and enhanced efficiencies.




We have a vested interest in the overall success of Shott Earthworks Inc. and the greater contributions that the organization will make in the greater community within Wood Buffalo Region. In conducting our business, we will continue to balance long term economic and social benefits to our stakeholders, with the goal of minimizing environmental impact.




We understand and respect that we are part of a whole, and that our work impacts our employees and various stakeholders. Others are counting on us and we take the responsibility seriously. We believe in making a difference and adding value through our decisions, business practices and actions.

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