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At Shott Earthworks our health, safety and environmental program provides a clear set of guidelines for activities that are followed thoroughly and measured on a regular basis and accountabilities held.  Our goal is to achieve an incident-free workplace and to prevent injuries to employees, our Clients and the public and damage to equipment, materials and the environment.


Achieving a safe, reliable workplace requires leadership and commitment to a common vision. This requires establishing clear roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for all levels of Management, creating a first class safety culture.  

Management and supervision lead by example, by actively participating in and promoting HSE excellence. The groups at Shott Earthworks Inc. are continuously improving our overall performance by learning from experience, evaluating activities and involving all employees in our HSE program.


Third Party Safety Management Systems


We are members in Good Standing with the following programs:


Certificate of Recognition (COR) - Enform Alberta - Download COR here - Link

















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